From Consulting to Entrepreneurship: Pursuing Purpose and Empowering Underserved Students

Embarking on a journey from a stable career in consulting to the uncertain world of entrepreneurship is no small feat. For me, the decision was driven not by a desire to be an entrepreneur, but by a deep-rooted purpose to make a difference in the lives of underserved students.

After working tirelessly during my college years to support myself as an immigrant student, landing a consulting job provided me with much-needed financial stability. The income was good, and I was grateful for the opportunities it presented. However, I soon realized that there was more to life than just financial security.

My own struggles as an underserved student sparked a fire within me. I realized that my purpose was to ensure that others did not have to face the same hardships I encountered. This calling pushed me to take a leap of faith and venture into the realm of entrepreneurship.

With my purpose clear in my mind, I founded Papaya, a platform aimed at empowering underserved students. Papaya’s mission is to eliminate the barrier to entry between underserved students and STEM careers. Through our two-sided tutoring marketplace, we are able to eliminate the stigma and lack of cultural competency that underserved students run into while pursuing a higher education.

It was not an easy decision, but I knew that the impact I could make far outweighed any potential risks.

Transitioning from a stable consulting career to entrepreneurship brought its fair share of challenges. The road was often bumpy, filled with uncertainty, sleepless nights, and countless hurdles. However, the rewards have been immeasurable. Witnessing the positive impact Papaya has had on the lives of underserved students has been immensely fulfilling. Seeing these students flourish and overcome obstacles has affirmed my decision and reaffirmed my purpose.

I encourage others to listen to their inner calling and take bold steps towards making a difference in the world. When purpose aligns with entrepreneurship, incredible things can happen, transforming lives and creating a better future for all.

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