Closing Gaps, Opening Minds: A Journey with Maria Torres at Papaya Tutor

At Papaya Tutor, our mission revolves around closing learning gaps for students facing various challenges, including language barriers, difficulty grasping new concepts, and a lack of confidence to voice their questions in the classroom. Maria Torres, a dedicated member of our team, embodies this mission with a passion for teaching and a profound belief in the transformative power of education.

Maria studied at Peru’s Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, the oldest university in South America, whose entrance exam is considered one of the most difficult in the country. That is why its academic demands have meant that most students spend months of their time preparing for it and some have been trying to get in for years.  Despite this, María was one of the best in her class and managed to successfully complete her Degree in Pedagogy. Although she is very dedicated to her work, she continues to train in order to reach her full potential.

Maria’s role in Papaya Tutor

She is a team member who, like many, started as a tutor for Papaya. When we noticed her skills, she joined the team and became a Tutor Success Manager. In this position, she has proven to be more than prepared, always bringing new ideas for the improvement of the company. Her soft skills and assertive communication make her stand out daily, endearing herself to both the team and the tutors.

Here we will talk about why she joined us and what she likes most about our mission.

Maria shared that something she loves about Papaya’s mission is that it focuses on students who face difficulties,helping them realize their potential by closing the learning gaps due to various circumstances, such as language barriers, difficulty in understanding new topics, or a lack of confidence to ask questions in their classrooms. This empowerment enables students to move forward.

When asked why the education industry is so important to her, she responded, “Teaching is my calling.” She has always believed that the best way to create a fairer society is through education and the impact teachers leave on their students. It’s the small contributions we make as teachers on our journey through the world. Participating in an education-related company is a privilege that helps her continue expanding those positive impacts through our tutors.

Maria also shared a story of the most challenging class she experienced and offered advice. She recalls a challenging 8th-grade equivalent class. Initially faced with students who skipped classes and exhibited problematic behavior, Maria recognized the need to delve deeper into their stories. Instead of adopting a critical stance, she empathized with the students, realizing that understanding their emotional struggles significantly impacted their academic performance.

Her approach involved moving beyond negative stereotypes and recognizing the human aspect of her students. By advising and understanding them rather than criticizing, Maria became a source of support. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the emotional aspects of students and how it influences their educational journey. Maria’s dedication to building relationships and fostering trust transformed the negative dynamics into a positive learning environment.

In addition to empathy, she implemented gamification strategies to make learning sessions more engaging and motivating. By incorporating interactive and enjoyable elements into the curriculum, she witnessed improvements in attendance, a decrease in class skipping, and enhanced learning outcomes. Her innovative approach reinforces the idea that education can be enjoyable and transformative when approached creatively.

Last but not least, we must mention that she advocates for the understanding that each student has a unique story. Teachers often serve as a safe haven for students, capable of effecting positive change. Her message is clear: “Never give up!” In the realm of education, persistence, empathy, and innovative teaching methods can create a lasting impact on students, enabling them to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential. 

Thank you, Maria, for aligning yourself with our mission to close the learning gap, your dedication serves as a testament to the profound impact educators can have on the lives of learners.

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