Achieve student growth through personalized engagement

We hire tutors with high emotional intelligence to build rapport, increase engagement during sessions, and help students take ownership of their learning experience. Keep scrolling to learn how!

Chicago Public School - Success Story

Jesse Magaña
Early College High School Coordinator

“….. My favorite outcome so far is that this program has shifted their perspective on tutoring. They now see it as something that helps tremendously and look forward to doing. Prior to this tutoring experience, they felt that tutoring was only for students who were struggling. They realize now that tutoring is how you succeed academically.” 

Read full Google review

Read full Google review

You can also schedule a call with our CEO if you have any doubts or what to know further details.

How it works

We serve kids as young as 6 years old through our personalized learning and private tutors.

Set up the help

Your students need.

  • Use the curriculum you want
  • Select students that need help
  • Chose the metrics
  • Automate the reports with us

Measure and Track

The Progress

  • Get weekly attendance reports
  • Insights to be proactive
  • Get constant updates
  • Monthly learning progress

Find better ways to Engage

With your students

  • Higher participation in class
  • Communicate with tutors
  • Engage with the parents

Help your students outside of the classroom

We make it easier for teachers to help their students get on grade level

Every month your students will receive minutes to schedule any of the classes from any device

As an educator, if your student is signed up under your school, you will receive weekly and monthly reports of any activity you want to track (i.e. attendance, subjects reviewed, time spent, etc.)

You will save time in their learning curve, and the parents will save time and money while helping their kids in school

Do you have questions?

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You can also schedule a call with our CEO if you have any doubts or what to know further details.