Every Student Matters. Closing Gaps, Elevating Confidence.

Our bilingual tutoring marketplace is designed to help students match with tutors who simplify complex subjects. We help school leaders bring high-quality tutoring to every student, every culture, every academic level.

What is Papaya?

In South American Spanish, Papaya means “Piece of cake.” Our tutors ensured that students leave their sessions feeling confident and thinking, “STEM is Papaya :)”

Emotional Intelligence

All of our tutors have a high level of emotional intelligence to create trust before teaching 

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We handle the logistics and  communications, so all students have to do is show up 

Student Data & Insights

We collect data from every tutoring session, so students, parents, and educators can see progress

Gamification & Rewards

To maximize engagement and growth we use a point system, so students can earn as they learn 


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My Bilingual Students

You are right in the right place. Our tutors are fully bilingual (Spanish and English), so we can always go back to their native language if they get lost during our tutoring sessions. 

Early College Program 

Early College High School in the Chicago Public School District is one of our success stories. See the article here! We achieved a growth of over 35% and increased participation by 87%!

Our Tutors

We carefully select the best tutors for one-to-one coaching sessions to guarantee student success. Teaching by example with the “math made easy method”, making learning fun and relatable and helping the student gain confidence.

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